Eurodrama Party

samedi 17 février 23:00
→ dimanche 18 février 05:00
Geoff Fontignie Lozano
Smouss café
Rue du Marché au Charbon 112 - Bruxelles
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Don't start a drama and then say you hate drama ...

So many people in Brussels complain that there is no party during the week-end, and…

…we have good news for you: “Eurodrama” comes to Brussels!

This party was born in Madrid a few months ago. It’s the result of mixing the hands of Malbert, a shameless youtuber from Barcelona with a lots of humor talking about music, and the sexy voice and big arms of Ailo Sawyer,youtuber from Madrid specialised in Eurovision and musical critics. Together , their channels reach almost 7 million views and more than 50 000 followers.

Geoff is what we call in Eurovision language a "Eurofan". Being a true connoisseur of the Contest, he organised parties in Brussels in the past, bringing to the capital of Europe a long list of Eurovision stars.

Bring these 3 guys together and mix their ideas. You understand why “Eurodrama” is taking a trip from Madrid to Brussels

The concept is quite simple: make both Eurofans and pop music lovers happy!

Eurovision hits mixed with your favourite pop hits…all of this spiced up with an spanish touch!

Your host Geoff will share the stage with Helene & La fée, while Malbert and Ailo Sawyer will make you dance with the best hits during their DJ set.

We promise you lot of fun and lot of drama!

Just come join us with your good mood and bring your friends. The more, the merrier!

And of course, try to convince us that Brussels is able to do better than Madrid ... Do we have a eurodrama-deal?

See you at Smouss café, in the heart of Brussels, on 17th February 2018. Doors open at 11pm

ENTRANCE : 5 euros