Screening: Femmosphere

samedi 3 juin 20:00
→ dimanche 4 juin 22:30
Schwules Museum
Schwules Museum
Lützowstraße 73 - Berlin
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Coral Short and Lo Pecado host a selection of short, tough, and tender films that celebrate, revere, and give insight into femininity. From the dystopian lens of Femmes - challenged by invisibility, misogyny and emotional labor - to the utopian gaiety of fabulous Femme magic, come revel with us in the many facets of Femme. Join us in witnessing the witchy powers and healing energies of femme from deep inside the museum.

Doors 8 pm Videos 9 pm

In English

Free Admission

We would like to thank Sadie Lune, Ferrin Solano, Skyler Braeden Fox, Ryan Backer, Rebecca Ladida and Vera Hofmann for support with this event.


Coral Short und Lo Pecado zeigen eine Auswahl von kurzen, harten und zarten Filmen, in denen Weiblichkeit gefeiert, verehrt und tiefergehend betrachtet wird. Von der dystopischen Sicht von Femmes - bedroht durch Unsichtbarkeit, Misogynie und emotionaler Arbeit - über die utopische Fröhlichkeit weiblicher Magie laden sie die Zuschauer*innen ein, in die verschiedenen Facetten des Femme einzutauchen und ihre hexerischen Fähigkeiten und heilenden Energien im Museum aus nächster Nähe zu erleben.

Video Artists

Lo Pecado
CONCHA (2015)
This is the first postporn short by the queer feminist collective COVEN BERLIN. Inspired by the Foucaultian concept of the degenitalization of sex and pleasure (i.e. the breakup of the erotic monopoly traditionally held by the genitals), this film tries to disrupt the spectator’s expectations about porn by mixing symbolic and non-explicit elements in a provocatively intimate dance.

Music by Jane Freiheit, shot by the queer multimedia artist Judy Mièl and starring the tongue talent Lo Pecado.

Paula Pinho Martins Nacif
Uknowwhathappensnext (2015)
put on yr headphones n lemme whisper in ur ear
European Premiere

Kanchi Wichmann
Mixed Messages (2017)
This is the first out of a 10 episode web series following Ren (played by Alana Lake) through her year of being single in the Berlin queer scene. Episode 1 (Playground) stars Alana Lake, Liz Rosenfeld and Cal Alvarado and features music by Heimweh Hotel. Mixed Messages will be released online by Pro-Fun media this summer!
World Premiere

Alexandra Carson and Lucy Mills
Not Every Princess Needs A Prince (2015)
This experimental short film was an attempt to both queer and give sexual agency to Disney's Princesses. We wanted to comment on the lack of LGBTQ+ representation in media, particularly in Disney and other animated films. We were largely inspired by the work of Dara Birnbaum and scratch video. This film was largely the result of experimenting with Disney footage over the course of 2 months. All footage came from Disney and is being used for parody effect.
Berlin premiere

Local Honey
Goddess Complex (2017)
GODDESS COMPLEX is a collaborative work starring a network of goddesses summoned to deliver vague warning messages and poetic incite to viewers. Shots function as video diary and documentary style portraiture. This is an investigation into sisterhood within drag, queer, and trans*/gender-nonconforming communities. We desire visibility for these unseen real and fictitious identities and people. Through monologue, we indulge in how language relates to the way queer bodies are categorized and labeled. This work functions as an embrace of the individual spiritual divinity that people possess and bury within themselves. It is a nod to diva culture.
World Premiere

Xanthe Dobbie
Not Today Satan (2014)
1 min
Youtube/Web Collage, infinite loop. Based on the central panel from Hans Memling’s Last Judgement (c. late 1460s)
World Premiere

Lark VCR
Tattletale Heart (2016)
Tattle-Tale Heart is a queer fictional short film about authenticity, privacy & connection in social media—all seen through the lens of the human heart. A dystopian portrait of blurring boundaries between body and machine, it’s based on an app that reads heart rate through your webcam, calculates your *true* mood, and posts it directly to your feed.
European premiere

Melanie Jame Wolf
On Time (2016)
MIRA FUCHS uses artist Wolf's own experience of working as a stripper for 8 years in a club in Melbourne, to invite audiences to actively and critically reflect upon their own position on performative intimacy, dance as labour, and gendered economies of desire.
European Premiere

Sandrine Deumier
Affordable Dreams 16 Hypperreflection (2017)
World Premiere

Eva Wǒ + Ma Ya Ma Ya
Text Message (2016)
Two naked babes dance and play together in this experimental non-narrative self-shot portrait of queer femme friendship, sensuality, and rhythm.
European Premiere

Nao Bustamante
Silver & Gold Excerpt (2014)
This is the opening film in the "filmformance" also titled "Silver & Gold. This film has a live voice over and foley score and should not be screened without that element. In the filmformance Bustamante transports between live action and video narrative. Stirred by legendary filmmaker Jack Smith, Bustamante interprets Smith's muse: 1940s Dominican movie starlet Maria Montez. Honing-in on Smith's interest in Hollywood's obsession with the reproduction of the exotic, Bustamante embodies Miss Montez. Using video and the body as a source of backdrop, narrative, and emotion, she takes the spectator on a bizarre and radical journey finding a new bejeweled body part, which is at once her curse and oracle. For more see:
European Premiere

Frances Adair Mckenzie
A Love Poem to Unnecessary Object (2014)
A Love poem to Unnecessary objects is a Wallpaper like meditation on vibrant matter, a direct sensual response to the call of objects and is pulled directly from the artist/hoarder’s obsessive accumulation of material items. The project uses digital collage techniques to combine stop-motion animation, compositing and found footage into rhythmic latex and pixel hybrids, which explore the possibilities of meaning within a consumer based value system.
World Premiere

Kiona H Niehaus
Desire (2017)
Desire meditates on same-gender sameness, real and unreal sexuality, pain, fetishization, and the supposed artificiality of femininity. Photography, video, and animation combine to blur the boundaries between the artist’s perception, experience, and imagination.
World Premiere

LoFi Cherry
I femme tomorrow (2010)
Who do you want to rule your Matriarchy? The "Babes in Black" or "the Stiletto Sluts"? This is a 160 seconds long femme action video.
Berlin Premiere

Total time: 56:08 minutes

In englischer Sprache.
Einlass ab 20:00, das Screening beginnt um 21:00. Danach Bar.
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Funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

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