samedi 27 septembre 19:00
→ 23:00
Montoya. Coiffeur. Living. Room
Montoya. Coiffeur. Living. Room
Voigtstr.7/8 - Berlin


Documentary by Linus Ignatius

feat. VÚLCAN (playtime around 8pm!)

Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014


Berlin´s venue for art and fashion proudly invites everybody to the next vernissage. MONTOYA presents the unique photo-artwork of award winning artist Jürgen Bartenschlager.

We will experience young film maker Linus Ignatius (22yrs.) coping undaunted with his recently acquired HIV status. POSITIVE is a short documentary chronicling his highs and lows in life as an expat in Berlin.

Another highlight of this evening is special music performance by VÚLCAN!

And, of course, we are very much looking forward to meet our guests – hipster meets nerd, fashion designer meets victim, gay meets friendly. This evening is going to be extreme!

Jürgen Bartenschlager on his artwork:

Contemporary photography is mostly created with the computer. Different elements of photographic images which I took myself are being combined.

Since today´s images are not solely produced with a camera I don´t refer to myself as a “photographer“ neither am I a “photo artist“. I consider myself an artist who uses a recording machine and a computer instead of brush and easel.

I create huge images to work against a barrage of images. My work is authentic. Just as credible as a painting. Any photographed and edited image, that is art, should be impressive. The truth although is not what I am seeking. That´s illusion.

My images shouldn´t tell much – I am not a reporter. My images should also not be too literate. That´s boring. I don´t fancy traditional photography and don´t take care of its rules. The image doesn´t have to tell a story. But I need to receive faith from it, being able to follow its own language.


In Europe, HIV rates are continuously on the rise - but so are effective and available antiretroviral drugs. In today's developed world, a positive diagnosis no longer represents a death sentence. And yet, decades of shame and stigma still surround this chronic disease, creating a psychological prison of silence in the minds and lives of those who are infected.

POSITIVE is about breaking the silence. It is a short documentary chronicling the life of young filmmaker Linus Ignatius as he copes with his newly acquired HIV status as an expat in Berlin. Filmed over the course of a few months on a grungy JVC camcorder, the project mixes extreme highs and lows, bringing viewers through expensive pharmacy visits, ecstatic electronic music festivals, and the private moments of a passionate new relationship. Part journal entry and part observational documentary. POSITIVE is our way of saying we will not be ashamed and we will not be ignored. We will take ownership over the discourse surrounding this epidemic. We will be honest, and we will be heard.

Linus Ignatius (22 yrs. old) is a theater and film artist from Brooklyn, NY, who also works as a freelance journalist and photographer. He recently produced and directed an immersive theater event in a Frank Lloyd Wright House in Ohio called HOUSE; it is now being turned into a feature film. Previous work includes a music video he directed for NY band Sons of an Illustrious Father, as
well as studio design work for Lady Gaga. A world-traveler at heart, he is currently founding an international production company for alternative, groundbreaking multi-disciplinary projects.

VÚLCAN: Scandinavian Electro-Synth-Pop

Vúlcan is an electronic Scandinavian duo formed in Copenhagen 2013 and is currently based in Berlin. The group consists of Casper Van Westhausen and Amanda Lea. The Vúlcan soundscape experiments with synth-based music where disco vibes meet a Nordic ambience, that results in a combination of soft pop melodies and dark electronic elements. The past year Vúlcan has been working on their first album, which will be released later this year.

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